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Dai Sharkey - No More


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Dai Sharkey - Schizophrenic
Posted: Aug 2013

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Limited Edition Album Now Available

Dai Sharkey - Schizophrenic
Date: August 2013

Pick up your copy of Dai Sharkeys debut album today.

The album includes 16 Original Songs Written and performed by Dai Sharkey. A DVD feature with the story of Dai Sharkey, live recordings and festivals of Dai Sharkeys music.

The Album also comes with a 65 page book of lyrics, artistic photos and anecdotes.

The first 100 copies are signed so please hurry to pick up your copy today.

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Welcome to the Official Dai Sharkey Website

Dai Sharkey has been writing songs for over 25 years, Playing in pop/rock bands, acid rock bands, gospel groups, even leading a carnival samba band but since 2009 he has been writing and playing as a solo singer/songwriter, using nu-folk soundscapes to produce what he considers to be Dark-folk. A dirty acoustic sound that lyrically is as eclectic and quirky as the guitar licks and odd song structures. As each year passes Dai plays more shows, receives more air-play and still finds time to encourage the music scene in any way possible.

where is dai playing

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Family Summer festival

Venue: The Corran, East Marsh Laugharne
When: Saturday August 31st - 4:00pm Click Here for more details...